Update 10/14/2010 Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (Video Below)

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But first, I want to highly recommend an article written by John Shore for the Huffington Post.  He points out that there was a time when we were told that we could “pray away the gay” and that God would change us from gay to straight, if we just believed hard enough.  That isn’t said so much anymore.  Probably because all you have to do is look at the founders of the “research councils” who are caught with their rent-a-boys, the pastors of the mega churches who are outed by their prostitutes, the authors of x-gay testimony books that are photographed coming out of gay bars, the politicians who vote against gay rights and then get arrested in public parks or airport rest rooms for solicitation.    Do you honestly believe that these individuals didn’t pray with all their hearts for God to change them?  Of course they did…over and over and so did I.

John points out that now the refrain isn’t “Stop being gay.” Now it is “Stop acting gay”.  The part that really spoke to me, was John describing what these well meaning believers were actually asking us to do.  “Be alone, you’re demanding, Live alone.  Don’t hold anyone’s hand.  Don’t snuggle on your couch with anyone.  Don’t cuddle up with anyone at night before you fall asleep…Just say ‘no’ to love…Be alone. Live alone. Die alone.”

It is hard to believe that something as innocent as a kiss would upset someone but I know it will.  The NEW VIDEO for “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love”  (posted below) was filmed at  the gay pride parade in Long Beach, California this summer. If you watch it, you will see thousands of people from all walks of life.  People who are not ashamed of who they are and are not ashamed of the love they feel for their partners.  Some of them are straight and some are gay and many of them were willing to give a kiss to the one they loved…while the cameras were rolling.  I will not print words that tell these individuals that they are evil or that their love is profane.  I will honor them instead!

Why I won’t post negative comments.

There is one simple reason why I don’t post comments about how much God hates homosexuality and why every gay man or woman will burn for eternity in the lake of fire.  I DON’T BELIEVE IT IS TRUE.

I can hear the pages of the Bible being turned right now…”but, but, but….Leviticus says it is an abomination”. That’s right.  Leviticus does say that and it also says a few verses later that it is perfectly OK to own slaves.  So,  I guess if I am in love with a man, hold his hand, give him a kiss,  etc…I am evil.  BUT…if I OWN a man, if I take him away from his family, force him to work for my gain and pleasure or sell him to someone else…well that is just fine and dandy.  Sorry folks, but I don’t buy it.

If you want to discuss why LGBT people are evil and unworthy to love or be loved, there are lots of places on the web where you can do just that…but it won’t be HERE.  Speaking of love. . .


17 Responses to “Update 10/14/2010 Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (Video Below)”

  1. Steve Bailey Says:

    THANK YOU …I’m sure that I would not be the first to play off of one of the many great songs you’ve blessed me with. I’m so glad that you are True…I want to be…just not sure about many things. I can say that you are an inspiration and your new music and message is even stronger than before.

    Keep the FAITH

  2. cindy dean Says:

    I saw Ray in concert many years ago. He is awesome. I looked up a couple of his songs on Youtube and then it says something about his lifestyle so I looked thatup. He’s gay. OK SO WHAT!!! I am not SO WHAT!! What happens in his bedroom is between him, his mate, and God. It is not up to me to judge him or anybody else. I laughed when I saw the video. I was thinking Don’t tell me who to love because I am white and my man of 4 years is black. The song worked for me. Now if Ray wants to come back to Cincinnati. The people of the Vineyard where I go would be Blessed to have him. After all we say we are a rag tag bunch of people. It does not matter who you are or where you have been. It only matters where you are going. i choose Heaven. Ray- Thank you for giving to the Lord- i am a life that was changed!!!!!!

  3. I agree with 100%. There is so much in the Bible that we don’t follow any longer, we no longer sacrifice animlas or any number of odd things that were declared law back in Moses’ time.

    I want everyone to be happy with who they are. Everytime I hear about how you are treated I just want to cry. You are a good person, a wonderful singer with a great gift from God to write wonderful moving music.

    It makes me angry that some Christians use the Bible to hate others.

  4. Ray, I am thrilled that you are still creating music and that you are doing so well. I was just listening to something from your “Concert of a Lifetime” CD, which I have loaded on my iPhone and I decided to “Google” your name to see how you were doing. (Isn’t technology grand?) I’m at work right now so I haven’t had a chance to listen to your new stuff yet, but just let me take the chance to say that I have been a fan for decades, and I still am! Your music has seen me through some really tough times and I’m just thrilled just beyond measure that you are still creating and performing. I hope you know that not all Christians hate you or hate what you are. That’s a phrase that’s used a lot – “well we don’t hate the sinner, we hate the sin.” PLEASE!!! I am a straight, married, Christian, grandmother and I know without a doubt that you are just as much a child of the Most High God as I am. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you, and I must get back to work so that I can go home and buy some music. Blessings and Peace! Your sis in Christ, Lora

  5. The people who say being gay or lesbien is something you choose to do have no real understanding of the situation. My husband and I both have gay nephews, and they have been this way from birth. It’s just who they are. These nephews are the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. We as “Christians” have no right to judge ANYONE. God will do the judging with intercession by Jesus. The Bible says we are to love one another, not condemm them.
    I wish you the best of everything.

  6. Thank you… Beautifully said. This song made me cry! I am proud to know you are a fellow SoFla resident.

  7. Larry Workman Says:

    Brother Ray,
    Don’t know what to say but I’m glad you are free now to be who you want to be. I saw two of your concerts in early 2000’s and at one you signed my bible and the other a hat I had bought. I will not condemn you as in Luke 6:36 God tells us not to judge, condemn, but forgive. Too bad many christians haven’t seen that scripture. I attend a holiness type church so it is tough when I try to express my view on gay people. I do believe God made you the way you are as no one would choose this life style. I hope you are happy and I plan to be at one of your concerts if you ever come back to Virginia. I will also buy you new album. Take care and God Bless. Larry

  8. Richard Burton Says:

    I just read a minute ago you are gay. I could care less.

    Thank You for giving to the Lord… I am a life that was changed….
    You are still going to meet the Lord…. He will not condemn you…
    Neither will I…

    God Bless you always… Never dam up the life flowing from inside….
    For you will wither on the vine …….


  9. As a pastor, I have heard both sides of the argument many times. But, I will tell you that the purpose of the church is to love…not condemn. If every person that is gay was going to hell, then so would every liar, smoker, drinker, etc. There is no degree to sin (I’m not saying that being gay is a sin, just trying to make a point).
    I applaud you, Ray, for standing up for what you believe. It has been my experience that gay and lesbian people have the same hurts that everyone else has. They should be able to go to a church without fear of being judged.

  10. Really enjoyed listening to and watching your video “Dont Tell Me Who To Love”. You present a powerful message to all. It’s no one’s position to tell another adult who they can and cannot love. To cast hatred toward them, or to treat them differently for it. We are all God’s children and want the same as everyone else – to be loved, accepted for who we are, to be happy, go to work and raise a family if we choose and live our life like everyone else. Again, this song is terrific and I it should be being played on radio everywhere as its a really good song and catchy rhythm.

    Thanks Ray.

  11. i have listened to most of the music available on the site but the song God knows i tried- I am crying as i am typing this- for that is my story- I did everything i was told would ‘fix’ me but it didn’t and I have spent years believing I am one of God’s lesser children- one who did not have the proper faith or say the right words in the right order- that the fault and blame would always rest on me- I remember hearing the Love 98 concerts in the metro indy area and praying that I could be as ‘together’ as the artists I heard- I know about the aloneness and the struggle – the self loathing and the constant prayers- and then when i realized that part of me was not going to ever go away – then i began to pray that if God chose to ignore me- fine- but please -God-that my sons would not be what i was ..inside.. I am trying to accept who I am in Christ and that i am one of His own- but part of me wonders if I will always be doubtful and alone- isolated from Him and people who would and could accept me as i am

  12. WOW!

    Hi Ray,

    Just stumbled, literally, on your site and this song and video blew me away. Love your voice and the lyrics set my head spinning. I hope you don’t mind if I post your video and links at my place.

    If you do, let me know and I’ll take it all down.

    All the best to you.

  13. Thanks Ray for your songs. I’ve followed you for years and have even enjoyed singing many of your songs in church. That is until I was excommunicated when I came out shortly before you did. Unfortunately I haven’t sang much since but your music still inspires me and gives me hope. I was a pastor, married, had the dream job, house, family, etc but when I came out I lost it all. Though I’m rebuilding my life I am finally being true to myself. Thank God for people of faith like yourself. Keep recording! Love ya!

  14. Thank you for giving us hope that there are still people who choose to love in spite of the opinions of others. Thanks for you ministry. I have loved you in the past and love you even more now.

  15. Rev. Ricky Klahre Says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow…. Love you older music that made me worship and praise our King of Kings. But, your latest music make me wanna SHOUT! Praise God. Ray, thank you for using your GIFTS to share the love of God. Blessing …..

  16. True is absolutely one of my favorite albums! I play it almost every day. I still love your other albums too. You can be gay and christian. God loves all his children. Are you working on another project? I’m hoping for another album.

  17. Dear Ray,

    I have not listened to your music or thought of you since I was a teenager. I just did one of those random web surfing things people do… made me think of you, and it brought me to the discovery of the “shocking news.” I want to tell you, pay no never-mind to the haters.

    It was precisely all of the hatred, judgment and “hellfire and brimstone” nonsense that tormented me my entire life, from early childhood, and finally drove me right out of the church. I read that you had said, “I really feel closer to God because I no longer hate myself.” Similarly, after having the courage to walk away from the church (not God; the church), I no longer hate God (and I did for a very a long time).

    You also write: “There is one simple reason why I don’t post comments about how much God hates homosexuality and why every gay man or woman will burn for eternity in the lake of fire.  I DON’T BELIEVE IT IS TRUE.”

    And I DON’T believe it’s true either!

    God bless you! And congrats on your OUTMUSIC award noms!

    I have to believe that God is greater than the narrow-minded hate and greater than those who assume to speak for him, those who profess themselves interpreters of his love. In fact, I don’t believe in a “Hell” anymore at all. The very concept of eternal torment, to no end, and with no end, is as anti-God and anti-Gospel as anything could possibly be. Only Man could invent such a thing and mangle it into the Word of God.

    I’m glad to know you have embraced who you are and that you are at peace with who you are. Shine on…..


    Anonymous Hetero Female 😀

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