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Something interesting happened while I was in Alaska recently and no, it didn’t have anything to do with a certain “part time” governor, wolf hunting, mama grizzly bear.  When I arrived, I was confronted with the fact that my visit and performance at the MCC church in Anchorage was rather controversial.  I learned that one pastor had taken it upon himself to warn his followers that this 57 year old grand father was on his way to their city.  He closed his letter of warning with the word “BEWARE”.

I am not really sure what all the fuss was about but I am kind of used to it by now.  I’ve had protesters show up at my concerts before and I’ve received thousands of e-mails from people who strongly disagree with my belief that it is better to be honest about who you are, rather than just pretending to be what someone wants you to be.  In any event, I believe the best way to respond to anger and hate is to love.  I totally agree with the saying “HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE. . .HOMOPHOBIA IS!  and the way I choose to respond to homophobia is this. . . “I will choose to love!”




Special thanks to CBS KTVA Channel 11 News for the news footage.

16 Responses to “I WILL CHOOSE TO LOVE (Video Below)”

  1. Ray, I first became aquainted with your music with the Potters Field. I only have 3 of your cd’s at this time,but if they were vinyl,they would have holes in them. God gave you a gift that no one nor anything can ever take away from you. We are taught to “hate” the sin but love the sinner. But your life choices do NOT alter the fact that your love of God and His son are borne out when you sing. No other “christian” artists has touched my heart and continues to do so everytime I listen. Thank you for sharing that wonderful gift with me. God will provide and you will see Him when He calls you home.

    Love, Hollie

  2. Greetings, My pen name is Doctor Raven. I’m a published Gothic Rock music critic and afficianado. Largely not your venue. But I’ve been discussing the subject of God’s Love for LGBT people at my community college and your name came up as one of many great examples of Christians who happen to be Gay. I wanted to let you know that this straight Christian Goth has been really falling in love with your new music and the inspiration it gives to LGBT people all over the world. Keep up the great work and know you have my support and prayers.

    Dr. Raven

  3. Great Video!! I’m glad Ray found a way to stand up to this pastor.

  4. Derrell Adams Says:

    Ray, I am so glad you chose to love. I have been concerned and worried about you since you came out. In fact, several times I have been burdened for you and prayed for you. I know how cruel the world and so-called “Christians” can be. I hope you will continue to choose to love.

  5. I have looked and looked for Ray Boltz in the Christian Book stores. I feel it is wrong that you have been black listed. I have no doubt that you love the Lord as much as anyone. Recently my son came out. Quite a shock but I need to assure him that Jesus still loves him as much as ever. As do I. Someday I hope to meet you and share with you. Your music changed my life and always will! Thank You for giving to the Lord.

  6. Janet Pickett Says:

    My heart is so blessed. Let me tell you why. I have always loved your music. I have prayed for you and your gift numerous times. I can’t count the times I have cried as my heart was touched by your songs bringing me to remembrance of my Lord and Savior. Several years ago my son started singing in church. The first time was a Christmas play that featured my son singing a grand finally song. He chose your song “Sent by the Father” (It was perfect for this play). I couldn’t find the track so I called your ministry and spoke with your mother. Of course, she sent the track and my heart swelled time after time when my son sang YOUR God inspired song. Our whole family were new Christains and God was allowing us to soar. Satan could not touch us. What a beautiful time to remember. Anyway, God has to make us grow up and of course through the years Satan has attempted many times to destroy us, but, of course, he is NOT successful. One of the personal trials me and my husband had to go through was when our son told us he was gay and couldn’t continue living a lie. We so much did not understand. How could this be. He loves God so much even to the point that his very physical appearance speaks God’s love. This had to be a trick of Satan! We took him to have the bad spirit exorcised! We prayed and prayed together with him. We (including our son) were convinced that if we prayed hard enough IT would go away. We kept this private and were in personal torment in our family. Somehow the church found out and immediately called on all “heads” to eleminate our son from his ministries. After all he was a YOUTH LEADER and working with BOYS! My husband and I felt very alone. We were devestated that the church we loved so much and had praised God with for eight years then had no love to offer us. We felt like they didn’t believe anything they had taught us. We didn’t even know how to deal with this ourselves much less know how to deal with a hostile church. Before we could even get used to the idea of all this, our son then introduced us to his partner. I ask God continually to forgive me for hurting this young man because we did not accept him at first. To get the the end of this story, after years now of letting God speak to my heart, I find my son’s partner one of the most beautiful people I have had the privilege of knowing. I thank God he is in our life and family. My son is still a beautiful person and he shares his life with another beautiful person. I believe that even though I don’t understand how to reconcile Gods word with my son’s lifestyle, I just have to put it in God’s hands. What I do understand is that God loves them and me. The love I see in their hearts for others and each other is Jesus kind of love. My son and his partner know I have a problem with reconciling all this, but they also know (to me) it doesn’t matter. Who am I to condemn someone my Father made and has so obviously poured so much of his love in. God Bless you Ray Boltz. I am in hopes that my story is somehow a blessing to you. I Love You as my brother. I thank God for your gifts because he sure uses them to bless me. I have all your albums and play them frequently. Your Chrismas Album is a tradition now in our family. It is played at our family gathering at Chrismas as our home quietens with adoration and praise for our Lord. Of course, we have to always have a discussion later of how our our son can sing “Sent by the Father” as good as you can. (He really can!! HA!! HA!!) We don’t attend church anymore and probablly never will, but that doesn’t keep us from loving and worshipping our Lord. I’ve listened to a few of your new songs on this website and they are beautiful. God Bless You. Keep your gift going. Write and sing about our Lord.

  7. I have loved ray boltz music ever since I heard it for the first time when I was in high shcool. I love his voice and the story his music tells. I will continue to listen to him because just like he says he will chose to love an hope. I will be praying for ray that god will give him the strength to be strong and to keep making great music.

  8. Ray Boltz you did an incredible job on your new song and video. Congratulations on being truely you and a role model to many christians like myself. Jesus teaches us to love all and not to judge, keep singing and hold your head up high your still the same person you where before you came out in 2008, just maybe wiser. Thank you for your music.
    God bless you and all.

  9. I like that strong. I am a married christian mom, raising four children. Ray Boltz music pretty much saved my life in the late 90s. I was suicidal. I wish people wouldnt judge, and leave that up to God. Remember Jesus saying th ose with out sin cast the first stone. People need to read the word a little more before they try to do Gods job.

  10. W. Haulbrook Says:

    Excellent video! Great to see Ray continuing to make music – what a powerful song, “I Will Choose to Love”. Ray’s background makes the message even more resonant.

  11. Thanks, I also Choose to love.There already is to much hate in this world.As a true follower of Christ, I believe in his teaching, a life of love. No bitterness and no hate.Your words really touch the heart. Thanks so much…

  12. DeLeon Peacock Says:

    Ray, My name is Deleon. 15 years ago I was a funlessmentalist minister and with a voice people seemed to enjoy, I sang many if not most of your songs. I did the hardest thing I have ever done when I made the decision to leave my family and live my truth. Just this past Mon. a gay christian friend of mine ask me if I had ever heard of a guy by the name of Ray Boltz. He shared your coming out CD with me. RAY, those songs touched me so deeply. The flood of emotions that I felt have yet to subside. I’ve not cried so openly sense leaving those that were my life. But the move toward truth has been the best move I have ever made. It still gets hard at times when there are those who would tell me that it was one of the most selfish things they have ever witnessed, but when I consider how I felt then to how I feel now I had rather die than give up what I know as my life of truth. There is much to be done on the behalf of people such as you and I, so PLEASE sing my song, make my song one for all those of us who face the strugle of climbing out of the hole that was dug by the desire to please others rather than live who we are.

  13. Wow. Great song and video. I’ve loved Ray Boltz music for years and was wondering why I haven’t really seen or heard anything from him in awhile so I searched on line and found this site. It’s wonderful that he has finally loved himself for who he truely is, but it’s said that it took so long. It’s also said that a 33 year marriage had to end, but it’s wonderful that he has a family from that marriage and hopefully the still love and accept him for who he is. Keep singing Ray we need the messages you profess whether it’s as a contemporary christian artist or not.

  14. Missi Glass Says:

    Ray ~ I just wanted to let you know I adore you…always have, always will. You move me. A friend of mine posted one of your old songs on Facebook today and it had been a while since I listened, so I clicked into it. It also made a statement that you “came out” in ’08, and I had no idea. Just wanted to let you know I am a follower of Christ myself, and believe in love. Simply writing to let you know you are loved and I honor your decision to live authentically. I just watched the above video and was touched by your response to hatred. Just wanted you to know.

    Be God’s ~ Missi

  15. Ellen Yanchurak Says:

    I am heterosexual. Some of the people I love the most are gay or lesbian. They are also born again Christians. Saddens me that many people, even some of our relatives, cannot understand this. Thank you for promoting awareness. “I will choose to love” is beautiful! Praying for you as you spread the message that “God is Love.”

  16. lawrence davis Says:

    thanks ray for coming out, for coming back, for being true. you are loved lawrence western nc

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