“TRUE” The new project by Ray Boltz

UPDATE: MAY 15th 2010.  Check out Samuel G. Freedman’s  article on Ray Boltz in the NEW YORK TIMES.

COMING SOON:  A new HD video for “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” shot at the Long Beach Pride Festival

ALSO: Best selling author, Anne Rice,  links to the NEW YORK TIMES article on her facebook page (THANKS ANNE)






There are several videos listed below.  Each video contains the music, a few images and either the lyrics or a commentary.  I hope these simple videos will help convey what I was feeling when I wrote them.  Enjoy.

Video #1:

Song Title: Swimming Hole

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  This song is dedicated to all those people who have suffered violence just for being themselves.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #2:

Song Title: God Knows I Tried

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  This song was the first thing I wrote after coming out to my family in December of 2004.  I didn’t write this song with the expectation that it would ever be performed, let alone recorded but it was a way to express so much of what was going on inside.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #3:

Song Title: Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (>HITPLAY Dance Mix)

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  Over a year ago I made this song available on this blog.  Thousands of people have heard it, downloaded it or both.  Hitplay producers JoJoHo and Seanny P put a new spin on the song by creating an incredible dance mix version

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #4:

Song Title: Following Her Dreams

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: I dedicated this song to my good friend Julie and her partner Paulina.  Their friendship has meant so much during the last few years and I’m happy to know them.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #5:

Song Title: Who Would Jesus Love

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: I wrote this song after I read the book “Would Jesus Discriminate” by Rev. Dr. Cindi Love.  The book and the lives of others like Mel White (Stranger At The Gate: Being Gay And Christian In America) and Rev. Troy Perry (founder of the Metropolitan Community Church Denomination) have helped me to examine my attitudes concerning all God’s children.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #6:

Song Title: I Chose

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: This song was written in response to the multitude of e-mails that were sent to me and each one claimed that I had “chosen to enter a gay lifestyle”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I never chose to be gay.  In my heart, I know the difference between choosing something and finally coming to accept what is true.  There is a difference.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #7:

Song Title: Dancing With The Girls

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: This song is about stepping out and pushing through the fears we face, instead of letting them control us.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #8:

Song Title: To Be True

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: Sometimes you have to come down from the stage and stop performing in order to be who you really are.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #9:

Song Title: Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (original version)

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: The video for this song was created by Jeff Lutes at Soulforce.  They are an organization that seeks freedom from religious and political oppression for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON


Want to know what the Bible really says about homosexuality?  Check it out HERE


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The MCC Church (an excellent source for information on  Christian and gay issues)

Soulforce (seekiing freedome from religious and political oppression for LGBTQ community)



71 Responses to ““TRUE” The new project by Ray Boltz”

  1. Oh, it’s working! When can I start publicizing this blog?

  2. Ray,
    I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you have been to me! I used to travel and sing in churches in the GA Baptist circles until I came out of the closet in 97 shortly after recording a CD in 95. I used to sing your songs often during that time especially “Shepherd Boy”

    Thank you so much for sharing your “journey’ with us through your new project!

    Love ya
    Allen in Atlanta

  3. Hey Ray — thanks for letting me know about the new blog. Looks great. Love the videos and the insight and commentary – very telling and honest. Thank you for your continued witness and courage. Many blessings to you and those you touch.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful songwriting and singing, Ray. I don’t know how to say this, but I needed to hear that message with that voice. Your voice was the soundtrack of my Christian youth and early adulthood–and also the songs I sang in church with your accompaniment tracks. So, now, hearing these positive, God-filled messages of love, acceptance, struggle and pain…. I hear God again speaking through you to my heart. Thanks!! Thanks for the bravery, the talent, the drive to speak again to us for Him. God bless. Jerome of the Yukon.

  5. Kassie Says:

    Carol told me this was up this morning. I love the way you have done the videos with your story. (Except that I was crying in my coffee!) I am so happy that your voice is going out again with such powerful messages. Here’s to all the lives that will be touched by your new project! Much love to you. Kassie

  6. Ray,
    Carol told me about your new web site. I love your music and listened to it for a long time. God Bless you that you are singing again. You have so much to give through your music.
    Blessings to you

  7. you’ve begun a hard journey, but you have such a strong and beautiful spirit to give you courage along the way.

    best wishes and cheers

  8. Dear Ray,

    Sue and I were able to listen to your new album tonight and it is all so beautiful and, again, just gave me such peace to know that you are out there and making music again in the world. You have blessed us so much and we love you and are so grateful. Thank you so much for your acknowledgment of Rev. Troy and Rev. Mel and of my work with the Would Jesus Discriminate? Campaign. I loved the pictures of our churches and their banners and their smiles! There were fifty + cities who marched with that question and those cities have never been the same. I like to think that Jesus marched with our churches and smiled too.



  9. I love your new “True” CD – I already have my favorites, like the title track and “who would jesus love” but I just keep replaying them all and depending on the day or the struggle, they all work out to be my favorite.
    Thanks for being out here in the world and still singing strong!

  10. Jerod Yates Says:


    I was thrilled to finally meet you in person on May 8, 2010 in Long Beach, California. You’re such an inspiration and encouragement to so many! Thank you for being willing to come to our film shoot and share your story with us on Gay Christian Chronicles!



  11. I am touched. Thank you!

  12. Terry Dewis Says:

    Wow, Beautiful words and music, what an inspiration you are!
    God bless you and your message.

  13. Our lives are so closely matched! I married the guy I had been dating from 16-21. I thought I loved him enough to change. When I was 22, I prayed the prayer and began attending a huge baptist church and asking God to fix me and give me the desire for my husband that I wanted to have. The churches became more legalistic and so did I. The logic was that if I was a helpmeet, church librarian, homeschool mom, foster mother, hospice volunteer and missionary, God would see how serious I was about Him and then, I would get the cure. While studying to be a Biblical counselor through NANC, I knew that what they wanted for me to say that I really believed was not what I really believed. I just came clean and told the truth.

    Cost: custody of my kids and the right to continue homeschooling them, my house, best friend (husband), 90% of my friends, dog, 2 properties in Floirda and 90% of marital property, 100% of marital funds. I had no education, no recent work experience and no church family. My church announced my “sin” from the pulpit in a public worship service and shunned me for a year. Then, they excommunicated me in another worship service and prayed for my death so that I would no longer shame the name of Jesus Christ.

    Gain: Truth, the love of a great woman, the respect of my children, new friends that love me for who I am, not who they want me to be and hope for a bright future.

    I may be 41 and in college for the first time trying to eke out a living, but God continues to sustain me and encourage me and shower me with love. May He richly bless you as you live in the way that you were “fearfully and wonderfully” made to be!

  14. Ray I have listen to your music for years. If you are gay or not I am not to judge, that is not my job nor is it any person on this earth. I have been touch by your lyrics and I hope you continue to write songs of love for Jesus and being thankful for the many blessing. Songs with heart felt meanings. I am a song writter but I can not do the lyrics. I know what I want to say but can’t put the two together. My wife and I have enjoyed your corcerts in the past and very much enjoy your music.

  15. Laura Neal Says:

    You are doing incredible work. If people would just listen to your lyrics with an open heart there would be no discrimination at all. How could there be? It’s so simple and makes so much sense. It’s just this.
    Please keep singing. You are telling stories that need to be told.
    May you and all beings be happy!

  16. I am a gay police officer, divorced, and in much the same position as you- ex-wife kids etc. I came to accept the lord at your concert in 1991, and I totally understand what you have gone through because I havegone through it too. I am happy with my life and partner now. Good Luck to you- I love your music – Keep in touch- you are an inspiration to me.

  17. Brian Bennett Says:

    Dear Ray;
    I’m so happy that you’re making music again. You have inspired me so many times I can’t count. Thank you so much for coming out! I was also living in a fundamentalist straight-jacket for many years. About eleven years ago I started dating a bisexual woman. She supported me in the long process of coming out to my parents and friends as bi’. BTW I’ve been on Soulforce for many years. They were very helpful in my coming out journey. As soon as I can find the right link I’ll buy your new music. Thanks again!

  18. Jonathan Says:

    Ray–God bless you. Your songs and life journey are amazing. Even though I have always lived an open and fulfilled life as a gay man, I have been estranged from my Presbyterian roots for many years because of the lack of love shown by so many so-called Christians who never ask themselves “who would Jesus love.” My particular congregation was accepting and nuturing here in Los Angeles, but on a national level it is so disheartening to see such un-Christian hate and bigotry in the churches. I hope to catch a concert the next time you swing through Southern California.

  19. sloopy312 Says:

    My Dear Friend,
    This may be an overly simple answer but God’s actions cannot contradict His character. I am a former Baptist pastor, seminary instructor, Teacher; and later taught in Bible college in Moscow, Russia. I worked with youth gangs, the Mafia and syndicate and I was always safe and welcomed into their homes and hoods anytime day or night. In High School I was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the late 50’s onward. I well remember pastors using the Bible to justify their reasons for supporting segregation. Some saying integration was a communist plot to destroy America etc.
    After I gave my heart to Christ during Nam the above beautiful people I told of God’s love were not warmly welcomed into my churches. Nor would Christians accompany into gang hoods because it was not their ministry they said.
    When I started working with suicidal and depressed Christian gay youth and some adults, some were only 12 years old, some Christians said I should let these kids kill themself rather than to grow up and contaminate society. Others said that if it were legal they would stone me and my gay youth to death.
    I grew up with 100% gay feelings since grade school but in my days being gay had to be wrong, unnatural and immoral. I believed this and convinced myself I was a straight man who had strong gay feelings. I did all I could to stop being gay-prayed for hours and years, fasted, anointed with oil, confessing my desires to the church and abstaining-but no matter what I was still gay. I found myself beginning to hate God for being a puppet master who just wanted to get a kick by letting me have these unwanted feelings. I was an evangelist who led many to Christ, walked into the middle of gang fights and saved some lives, was a mentor to other pastors; and yet finding myself getting farther and farther from God.
    It was not until I attended a James Dobson antigay rally held in SafeCo Field [Seattle, WA] and running after some gays who left that had been quietly protesting. I wanted to share Christ with them. It just so “happened” that the first gays I ran into were young Christians who loved their Lord. They listened respectfully to me and took some tracts I had.
    Then one of my gang kids-a gangster disciple came to me. He was searching for answers because he was gay and asked me if I still had gay feelings as I had shared with him my church experiences. I feel it is critical to be completely open with youth. I lied to him and said, “No”. He surrendered his colors to me and yet I could see in his eyes I disappointed him. As soon as he left God convicted me of my lie to him and God said in my heart, “Why can’t you accept yourself as I made you”.
    But still I did not come to terms with my sexuality for over a year. I was not until during my adult Sunday school class when a mother asked prayers for a suicidal gay person-I cut her off because she was about to identify the gay person as her 14 year old son and I felt like she did not need to share that. One time her son came into my classroom and curled up in a fetal position crying. He was afraid of his dad. It was at that moment I knew I had to publicly come out-well kinda of. I told my pastor I was gay-not just gay feelings. He left the church shortly after and told the new pastor who excluded me within a week.
    I went from being, as called by some another apostle Paul to athenma. It was painful but worth it because now I was honest with my being and the person God made me. I was no longer living a lie. Even before then I asked several of my youth [I was also a youth leader] what they would think of a minister or church leader who told others that God loves them but being gay was against God’s will, only to find out later that the leader they respected was gay himself. Every kid said they thought that person was a hypocrite and they would loose respect for him.
    Anyway, it just so happened that our youth pastor asked the youth to write down what they were feeling-this was shortly before I came out. I wrote a story about a Christian gay youth who could not understand why he had gay feelings and yet he loved God with all his heart. He began to question everything about himself and God’s love.
    The youth pastor invited those who wanted to to share their writings. I showed him mine and he gave me permission to read it [as a note he was at my exclusion meeting and stuck up for me-even my wife was not allowed into the meeting].
    But because I came out I have been able to prevent several youth from committing suicide. They would also bring me their gay friends who were questioning their existence and God’s love. I am fortunate because I am retired military and would take them out to the base, they eat in chow hall, we’d look at aircraft, go bowling etc and I would explain to them the dimensions and magnificence of the universe and how near the outer edge of a not too large galaxy, that contained over a billion stars, was a rather insignificant planet called Earth and on that planet is a boy named Mikel who God knew and loved before he was conceived in his mother’s womb. This youth decided to live and a year later the youth who brought him to me and he went with me as we visited the homes of our youth to pray for them and anoint them before the upcoming school year. He would sing while bouncing off my shoulder and his friend as we drove from one house to the next. I knew the kids had to be hungry so I asked them if they would like to eat. We stopped at McDonalds and as I was about to give thanks the Lord stopped me and said ,”Why don’t you ask if one of the kids wanted to pray. So in the booth the once suicidal 12 year old said, “I would like to pray”. He thanked God for the food and thanked God he was still alive. I can’t write this without crying today-that was about 5 years ago.
    The religious pastors dropped me, some understanding ones stuck with me, but for the most part the adults ignored me. However not one youth did.
    I don’t know why I waited so long to come out. Maybe because it was so I could experience what it was to be a closeted gay Christian with a jillion questions, and so I could better understand the feelings of homophobia and the part religion has in it. After that I told God, on more than one occasion that I would announce to all that I was wrong in saying God accepts and loves gays and that gay marriage was OK with Him. Each time God politely reminded me that He thought we had settled this issue and not to question His “voice” to me that day I came out.
    I am truly free; I know that God loves me; I also know that to deny that God accepts and loves us gays would be a lie against Him.
    As I said at the beginning: God is not stupid, He is all-knowing from eternity to eternity, He makes no mistakes, and the actions of God cannot contradict His character.
    God bless you all,
    Nelson blaine
    You Are Significant Because God Doesn’t Make Mistakes or Junk

  20. Ira Pearlstein Says:


    I read about your odyssey in the New York Times the other day,and saw quickly how you might be interested in a film I co-wrote and co-produced with Ron Satlof, who directed it. It’s called “MISCONCEPTIONS” and it ran in theatres a few months ago. I’d like to send you a DVD of the film, which is being released officially tomorrow, May 18

    MISCONCEPTIONS is a ‘gay marriage friendly’ comedy/drama about Miranda Bliss, an evangelical woman in Georgia, who has a vision from God, telling her to be a surrogate mom and have a baby for a gay male married couple, Sandy and Terry, from Boston, who Miranda sees in a late night TV documentary. Complicating matters is Miranda’s husband Parker, the church handyman, who is an anti-gay marriage campaigner.

    We think you’ll love our movie, and maybe have some ideas on how we can publicize it.

    Please take a look at our trailer at the director’s blog:


    Ira Pearlstein

  21. Dear Ray,
    I loved your music up through my 20s…then left the church…and couldn’t stand listening to….anything. Heard you made it public about being gay and so looked you up again. Very brave man and I respect you and Knapp for doing so. We need more folks like you in the Christian community (since folks like me left but for other reasons). Your music & talent are better than ever. Keep on doing what you’re doing. I hope you feel better than ever with how you’re living “your one and only wild & precious life” (Mary Oliver).

    All my best!

  22. Wonderful music! It sounds like God is doing a “new thing” through it (Isaiah 43:19). The album will have a powerful impact on those who hear it. Please let me know if you’d like to bring your tour to Iowa City, Iowa. I think the “progressive” Christian congregations in this area would enjoy this music very much. Blessings to you.

  23. Samantha Moran Says:

    Ray I thank you. Being bisexual and a Christian has been a challenge for me. I have heard it all, I’m not bi i just want the attention, I’m not bi i’m just a slut, I’m don’t love women it’s the trauma from the sexual abuses making me this way blah blah blah. All because I saw I can love a man or a woman equally. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me for who I am and supports me. I don’t feel so alone anymore. Since you and jenn knapp came out I have found a multitude of christians who are gay/bi/trans. My only prayer is that someday my family will understand. The new songs are beautiful and brilliant!

  24. Hi Ray, “Thank you” was the first song i ever sang in church. I was eight. I am profoundly proud of you and your ex-wife. The testimony you are sharing is so important for the Church. Thank you for your vulnerability and your openness to share.

    peace and hope,

    Rev. Rustin Comer

  25. Tristan Says:

    Dear Ray,

    I’m a friend of Mama Ashley (I hope you remember the name) and I’ve recently heard/read alot about you. I’ve been listening to these songs alot in the past few days and I want you to know that you have really helped me understand and accept homosexual Christians.

    Growing up always hearing about how perverted and disgusting homosexuals (supposedly) are, and about how all of them have AIDS (Had a pastor tell me that once.), I was always on the fence. Up until recently, I had adopted the “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” stance, but I’ve come to change my mind (With the help of your songs and Mama Ashley). Even if it is a sin to be a homosexual, its a sin to lie. Its a sin to curse, to watch PG13 movies and to eat Pork. So if you are going to hell for being a homosexual, I know a lot of Christians who will be burning with you for what they had at lunch.

    I just wanted to say thank you. Your work is touching and enlightening, and I pray every day that other straight Christians like me will understand that God loves us all no matter what sins we may/may not commit. I’m proud to say that you are my brother in Christ.


  26. Tristan Says:

    P.S. The dance mix of “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” is rockin’.

  27. rayboltzblog Says:

    Thanks so much for writing. There have been many wonderful comments made on this blog but due to my schedule, I haven’t been able to reply to them. After I read your comment I had to reply. Like you, I have heard about many different things that are considered sinful. There was a time when the following examples were generally accepted by most Christians to be sin. If a woman cuts her hair. If a woman goes to church without wearing a head covering. If she speaks in church or attempts to teach or accepts a leadership position (elder, deacon, pastor, priest etc). If a man divorces his wife for any other reason except sexual immorality. If he marries another person after his divorce both partners are committing the sin of adultery (and according to the OT law should be stoned to death).

    I read a comment that said that the first part of the song “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” is acceptable because it deals with interracial marriage and that is NOT sin. It went on to say that the second half of the song is condoning gay marriage and of course that IS a sin. I have lived a long time. I remember when preachers across the US stood in their pulpits, quoted Bible verses and declared that marriage between different races was a grave sin (they called it unnatural and even blasphemous). When the supreme court decided in 1967 (Loving v Virginia) that people of all races should be allowed to marry without restriction it was a very unpopular decision. A study at that time found that over 70% of church people believed that the court was wrong to make such a ruling.

    Our viewpoint of what is sinful is shaped by more than just the Bible verses we quote. It is also shaped by the culture we live in. The common beliefs held about a “woman’s role” changed as women gained the right to vote and to control their own lives. People who have gone through painful divorces are not usually banned from the congregation or the pulpit like they used to be. If they still were, many of our mega-churches would be nearly empty.

    Tristan, your comment was very encouraging. I didn’t post these songs to debate what the Bible says or doesn’t say about being gay. I didn’t record them to try to convince anyone that they should change their mind about anything. I posted them because, like you, I have met gay men and women who are trying to love God with all their hearts, their souls and their minds.


    Suggestion: My response to Tristan will probably make some people angry (just like the supreme court case in 1967 made people angry). If you want to fill the blogoshpere with what you believe is sin or isn’t sin, why don’t you start your own blog and write about it there. I will not post negative comments.

  28. rayboltzblog Says:

    What a heartfelt and moving comment. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  29. Just found your website via a GLAAD facebook post. Not really a Christian music fan, but I will never forgot how your song “Thank You” touched me when I happened to hear it years ago. I commend you for your courage in coming out and applaud the beauty of the music you’ve created. More voices of love and acceptance such as yours need to be heard!

  30. I am a gay man who was married for 25.5 years when my divorce was finalized three years ago today. It has been a very long and lonely road: my wife outed me to everyone at our church and made it seem that I was a villain out to destroy her…when in fact, I was just a gay man trying to be the man I had been taught I needed to be. I lost my church….I lost my friends….and yes, for a season, I lost my faith. But God was faithful…and I am working to rebuild my faith.

    I am now creating a new life for me…I’m involved in a gay affirming church….and for the first time in my 52 years, I am living authentically.

    I just can’t tell you how much your new album has blessed me and it is probably your best to date. Your story has been an inspiration.

    We are hearing an authentic Ray Boltz I dare say for the first time — not the Ray Boltz that the evangelical Christian community may want to be hearing.

    I wish you all the best. Stay “True”…. Thank you for being such a blessing to my life at this time.

  31. Jonathan Says:


    I very rarely comment on public forums like this, and I have to admit that it is very strange for me to do so now. I was raised in services where your music was sung (and I have performed it at times myself). But that is all ancient history to me now. I have moved and the old songs from the old places have been left behind. I am now living in NY and attend a much different kind of church, and your recordings have sat safely in their CD cases for years now. It is only today that I have dusted them off and decided to listen to them again. I found them just as moving now as I used to as a child. There was a kind of nostalgia to it, and I went to look for more of your work. It was only then that I stumbled on this blog and your most recent projects. I have to say that it has been a true blessing to me to hear that you have accepted yourself and that you are raising your voice both to God and his children–whoever they are and however they are labeled. When I came out to my parents I was met with love, but also with that distance and temerity that they call ‘tolerance.’ It has been hard at times to think that there are people who will never meet me but hate me anyway. It is even harder to think that being who I am implies that I somehow fall short of my family’s expectations. However, hearing that you–the voice from my youth I remember my mother weeping and singing to and a man that has always expressed a sincerity of worship that my family admired–has met struggled through many of the same adversities.
    Thank you so much for being yourself and sharing so passionately with the rest of the world your struggles and triumphs. This blog and your story have meant more to me than you will know.


  32. Thank you so much for being who God has called you to be. Your songs are a blessing and a great gift from God. I am so thankful that God is calling more gay christian to stand up and let it be known that we are his loved children. May God bless you in all that you do Ray.

  33. Hi Ray, I’m openly gay Christian serving three amazing years on midnight prayer line at TBN singing songs of love and prayer every night. Once discovered I was fired.
    Never really found my place again. Moved to Palm Springs and now serve through my two Spa business’s : ) Praise The Lord! I never knew why I cryed and felt so deeply moved by the grace upon your life. Now I do. Love Brother Samuel

  34. Praise The Lord

  35. Lloyd/Bob Peacock Says:

    Dear Ray:

    To quote your wonderful song: “Thank You For Giving To The Lord.” It is when people like you come out and are open about their sexuality the world’s views slowly begin to change. I read in a Christian magazine that if all the gay people involved in Christian music were to come out, most churches would have to close.
    Bob and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary yesterday, but have only been legally married for 6 years. We live in Canada EH. We invited the Lord Jesus into our lives in 1988, in a little church in Phoenix, called Casa de Cristo. Our lives were changed forever, as God took away all the old things, but He didn’t take away what he blessed us with, our sexuality. I wrote a few comments on Carol’s Blog yesterday and wanted to say: You must be so proud of her Ray, that she is so supportive of you, and stands by you. If more family were to react like Carol, there would be a lot more closet doors opening. Thank you for your anointed music and your heart for God’s people ( All God’s People ). Please try and come to Rainbow Community Church in Vancouver, B.C. if you are in the area. Love and Blessings,

    Lloyd and Bob Peacock

  36. Brenda Campbell Says:

    I feel like I know you through your music. God lead me to your music. Never having won anything in my life, I decided to try one more time and I won of course or I probably wouldn’t be writing this to you. I won five of your tapes and a “Church on Fire” T-shirt; that was in 1987. Your music and lyrics are so full of heart, and soul, and full of the Holy Spirit, you became my hero. I turned 40 years old in 1987 and for the first time in my life I began to sing. And, it was “Shepherd Boy” that got me started. I discovered Accomp. tapes and after practicing only that one song for four months I ask to sing in church, a church that didn’t have special music except on holidays. 1987 my wonderful father God changed so many things in my life and He also healed my body in a big way, but that’s another wonderful story. Anyway, you are surely my hero and always will be. The courage it must have taken to finally be true to yourself. Yes!, I believe gay people can be christians if Jesus loves me for heavens sake, I know He loves Gay people. I do not understand why conservative christians condemn all people not like them since “there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus”.

    I listened to your new album and as usual I loved It. I will continue to sing your music no matter what anyone says.

    A little about myself: I’m a 63 year old grandmother and I live in Pryor, Oklahoma, one of the most conservative towns I’ve lived in. During the presidential election a friend told me I was brave to wear my Obama T-shirt in public. After hearing a preacher say “If you are a democrat you can’t be a christian”, I began to feel a little vulnerable but I wore It anyway. Jesus was a liberal, and a rebel, and I love Him even more for it. I am not gay but I know God loves us all, we are all His children. God’s blessings with you always!

  37. I am a christian gay man who’s reached middle age. I was married for 25 years to a woman. I have many grown children. And I came out as gay 4 years ago.
    I am writing this to say how impressed I am with how you all are handling the situation. I know that if those closest to you reject you in some way, that this can actually be quite hurtful.
    I wish you the best in your continued ministry. And may God bless you and your family in a large way in the time to come, and continue to make you all a blessing.


  38. I just want to say that I’ve listened to DON’T TELL ME WHO TO LOVE hundreds time already and it never failed to give me a goose bump. Great song!

  39. Ray,

    Over the years, I have constantly been inspired by your songs and on more than one occasion have performed several of them for my church during the collection of the offering. Being straight and a Christian, I was understandably surprised when I read the article of your coming out. However, I realized that I could never understand your struggle of living a lie for all of those years. I can’t imagine the internal torture you must have experienced. I am glad to know that you have finally found peace.

    It always amazes me to see people who are so obsessed with issues that do not affect their lives in any way. Straight individuals arguing against same-sex marriage makes no sense to me whatsoever. It’s not like gay people are going to break into their homes and cause a disturbance. Religion aside, in America, if we don’t like what’s on TV, we can change the channel. We don’t yell and the TV and call our cable provider and complain that channel 22 is offensive. We just change the channel and find programming that we enjoy. The same goes for gay issues and events. If some find the subject offensive, then they don’t have to attend those events. I think some people just like to argue about anything, and gay marriage or being gay in the church seems to ignite a strong passion of resistance.

    I just listened to “Swimming Hole” and I was blown away! Ray, you have a great talent as a musician and you’ve proven that you can create amazing music, regardless of the subject. I think that is the mark of a great musician. I hope you continue to inspire and challenge people with your music.

    Your Brother in Christ,


    p.s. Could you start a YouTube page that has all of your music videos?

  40. Ray, I am almost 40 and I just started coming out a couple years ago. I have listened to your music for at least twenty years and I am not about to stop listtening to it. I have to admit that I was shocked at first when I found out a week or so ago that you were gay, but hey, you spent at least 40 years denying who you were. I spent 28 years doing the same, so I just want you to know that your music has inspired me over the years and I look forword to going to one of your concerts very soon. Hopefully you will be in the charleston Sourth Carolina area soon so I can not only go to one of your concerts, but also meet you.

    God Bless!

  41. Dear Ray,
    I am served for twelve years as an Orfained Assembly of God Minister. I read the bible, prayed, I tried and tried and tried.

    This past Wednesday I went to say my good-byes to my 92 year old grandfather.. Singing him some hymns just before his passing. With grandpa’s passing I wondered. Had I done the right thing coming out. I never told grandpa. I thought he would never understand. Grandpa and grandma were the one’s who took me and my sisters to church. Without himI would have never know Jesus, never been a minister. So this week I prayed to God. I prayed to Grandpa this week to give me a sign. Something to let me know I was alright. To confirm in my heart what I believed to be true.

    The two ministers today conducting the service had known grandpa for more than 50 years. When my mother was growing up gandpa taught the youth group of their little Assembly of God church. He had a hand in leading many young people to God. Including both of the ministers who conducted the service today. As the minsiter closed to today he thanked the family for sharing my grandfahter. For sharing him so he could pray, teach the bible and spend time with him and others. Then this old Assembly of God minister read the words. The words sang by a fellow gay man who had been thru a similar journey. “Thank you for giving to the Lord…” He read every word and I set and wept. Know one else there knew that the words be spoken were of a gay man. But God and Grandpa gave me my sign.
    So “Thank you Ray, I am the life that was changed again today!!!


    Brian Daniel
    Indianapolis IN

  42. I just want to say how happy I am for you. Thank you so much for “Being You”… I have always loved your music and will continue my support for your beautiful future. You are truly Blessed. Much Love to you…

  43. Dear Ray,
    I was always taught that God loves you and sent Jesus to die for us so we can live with Him in heaven forever. You are who you are…a wonderful man with a golden voice who, when I listen to his music, makes my soul sing.
    The first Ray Boltz song I ever heard was “Watch the Lamb”and that was just before your Christmas project came out. Then I heard “Sent by the Father” and that has been the one song that, no matter what is happening around me, I know that the situation (or person) was sent by the Father for reasons I may never know.
    Your lifestyle will have a positive impact on a much-hurting and sometimes hidden community and I pray that God will continue to use you in this new chapter of your life. I will continue to life you and your ministry up in prayer because you still have a heart and a voice that comes from Our Father…who loves us all.

  44. I preface this post by stating i am a straight Christian male. That being said, I appluad Ray for his courage and wherewithal for bearing through what must be a considerable struggle. I have yet to hear his latest music, but that of the past was truly inspirational and uplifting. I realize their are many homosexual Christians, and my personal belief is that God loves us all. I may not agree with some of the agendas, but I do believe that orientation is not always that of choice. Regardless, what right is it of man to judge another? I do applau you Ray, and hope to encourage you…even though I may not be of the same orientation…did Jesus not charge us to go forth to all people? For generations we have taken that to mean nations, but what if it meant all people of race, nationality or orientation? God bless you, and keep you safe in your journeys

  45. Hey Ray,

    Was so good to meet you at MCC conference. Any chance you want to bring the True tour to California? I would love to work with you on making this real.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon and Hugz to your Franco!

  46. I’m new to blogs and can’t tell if this is still active, but I wanted to thank you for your music of today and yesterday. I became a Christian about 20 years ago, and your music through my spiritual journey was a powerful influence. I often listen to those songs and they still move me, make me cry and bring me closer to God.

    I have struggled my whole life with being gay, and for a brief time right before going to college considered coming out. But that was 1980 and not the most accepted thing to do. I then fell in love with my girl friend, and despite knowing how I was wired, ended up marrying her and pursuing a very traditional and frankly happy life. But who I was never went away and I have battled with it though my marriage and raising three kids.

    Through my spiritual growth and study, I could never accept the conventional wisdom that being gay was a sin. However, choosing to act on my feelings while being married were. But I thought I could keep the image up forever, and I had a good image. But just this week I came out to my wife, confessed my sins and am now trying to come to grips with the consequences.

    I remembered some one mentioning you coming out and I sought information and found this site. I haven’t listened to all of the music yet, still too much drama here, but God Knows I’ve Tried, could be my story too.

    So thank you for being visible and allowing others to draw from your experiences. I’m not at all sure where my life is taking me right now, I know I’ve caused and will cause a lot of pain, shame and tears, but I think I may have the first chance ever to live a truly authentic life.

    Please pray for me, my wife kids and all of the people in our lives that we can get through this with love and compassion.


  47. Marie W. Brown Says:

    I own a copy of most of your Cd’s and even a VHS of a “Concert of a Lifetime.” Anytime I need something to help me from being so upset, especially when I am driving” I always put a CD of you singing from your “Concerts of a Lifetime” in and they always seem to calm me down. I believe I could hear you sign 24/7 and never get tired of it. Your songs are so powerful and you put such great meaning to them. I Love hearing you sing. You are my favorite. I hope and pray that I will get to see you in concert someday when you come to North Carolina. May Jesus always Bless you Ray!!!!!

  48. Mr. Jesse Bozarth Says:

    I want to say thank you. You have always been an inspiration to me. I seen you in concert once and knew you were the real thing. You sang from the heart and still do. After I came out I went through the same things you are going through. I gave up on christianity. I could not be involved with the hate that it has. My lover t the time was cast out of our church because he was gay. I left shortly there after. I never looked back. However I still listened to your music. I now am Wiccan. I have found the love and open arms that I was looking for in the church. I have never been more full filled. I want you to know that I have been and always will be a follower of yours. Your last CD touched and moved me. Thanks so much. Just remember that people will turn their backs on you. But you will have one family that will never. It the LGBT. We welcome you into our family. You are loved. May the Gods and Goddesses continue to keep you safe. Best wishes Ray. I love you.

  49. Hi Ray. The Anchor Holds was the first song I heard of yours. It absolutely blew me away and had to listen to it over and over. Through google I found that you had done Concert of a Lifetime. I then listened to the songs on that DVD and realized that all of your songs were incredible. What a beautiful voice you have! God Bless You in your new ventures. I’m sure you will do exceptionally well. Those gay people need you, so I’m glad you’re there for them. I will be watching and listening. Thank you, Ray.

  50. Ray… Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. How can the words you sing bring a Multiple Hundred Pound grown man to tears at his computer? It did. I’m a gay Christian and love your work. Love Is Love and Love to All !

    Wish you could visit the small church that I attend in Arkansas. It’s super awesome. We have a conference coming up in just a couple weeks and Bishop Gene Robinson will be speaking for us. I sooooo Wish you could make it. Please let me know if you need any further details. Love ya man!

    Darren Sanderson & Wayne Tedford (9 Beautiful Years this week)
    Austin, AR

  51. Ray,

    Thank you so much for your site, music and interviews given. Your coming out came at a time where I was really struggling with having lived the straight life…..a rewarding straight life, marriage and children, yet still found myself with feelings that would not go away.

    After you came out, I read your interview in the Washington Blade and identified with your experience so very much. Shortly thereafter, someone I know (a non-believer) asked me a question as to whether it is possible for a gay person to go to heaven. I had to admit, that yes, not being God nor an appointed judge….it was possible that a gay person could go to heaven. That launched me into some serious reflection, discussions with several gay pastors, and meeting other gay Christians. Boy, how liberating was that…..people that are gay, and Christian…and who actually live in a way that honors God.

    Your most recent interview again provides me hope that when I do finally come out (almost there), my family can love me still.

    Thank you for giving back. It means so much to me.

  52. Eddie Adkins Says:

    Ray – I learned from a friend yesterday that you had come out. My journey is similar to yours. I was married for 15 years. I was very faithful to the church. I was a church pianist for many years, and I used to sing some of your songs. I came out, and have now have been with a wonderful partner for 14 years. I have largely turned my back on Christianity, due to the views of so many Christians regarding homosexuality. Your story is so inspiring and heartwarming to me. Thank you. I’m going to purchase True, and can’t wait to listen to all of the songs.

  53. Eddie Adkins Says:

    Wow. I downloaded all of the songs from True. My partner and I listened to the entire CD twice yesterday on a beautiful drive through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We both love it.

  54. Great post, I’ve been looking for that..

    My Regards

  55. Greg Phillips Says:


    I have wanted to write you for many years, long before knowing we were both Gay Christians. Your music has ministered to me for many years and God has worked through your music to get me through some very difficult times in my life. When I came out and got divorced at the age of 21 in 1996, coming from a very strong Baptist background and seeking the ministry myself, life was very rough. I had listened to your music since I was a child and I remember a day feeling like I could not go on. I happen to have your cd in my car as I was driving around College Station, TX trying to decide what to do with my life, live or not, and something told me to put in the cd and I immediately, by habit, selected The Alter. The moment the song began, I had to pull over and I wept uncontrollably. Through that song, God spoke to me that day and I knelt on my knees and realized life was worth living.

    All these years later to know that you have struggled with the same feelings and I is so amazing to me. You are truly a gift from God and God through your music definitely saved one lost, lonely, and desperate boy one day many years ago. I thank you for your honesty and what you are doing to help so many confused and lonely out there now. You are still my favorite and I will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope to shake your hand one day and “Thank You for giving to the Lord” in person!

    All my love,


  56. Brian Bennett Says:

    If you wanted to do a concert in Dayton, Ohio you would be welcomed by many gay christians. Unfortunately, other christians in Dayton may not be so welcoming. It would be their loss. Thank you for doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Being authentic is always right.

  57. Glad to find this blog. I remember you giving me an autograph when I was a child in NC at a concert. Dealing with SSA my entire life has been difficult, especially growing up in a small town. I’m now about to graduate college and venture out on my own, out of the state. I don’t believe I can find out who I really am till I get away. I feel that I’ve been forced and forced myself to live a certain way. I admit it’s been hard in my relationship with God because of the way I feel and have felt. It’s like an all or nothing. Fight the “temptation” and God is with you, or give in and God is not. It’s what I’ve heard and heard over and over. I’m looking forward to venturing out and I’m sure the rest will follow. Thanks Ray~

  58. I am glad I found your music. God does know what he is doing and he uses people such as you to connect others to him. I am Christian and my son is gay. I pray that he will return to faith once more and that he will see that there are gays who are Christian. I believe God has taught us too that God doesn’t put labels on people so why should we. I love him because he is God’s creation. He doesn’t make mistakes!

  59. Ray,

    I really enjoyed your concert this evening in Kansas City. I’m looking for some eyedrops right now because my eyes are completely dried out from all those tears I shed tonight.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us here in KC. I was already downloading “True” on my iPhone before the concert ended!

    Your story and your compassion mean so much to me. Please come back soon.

  60. thank you ray. i also was married for 16 years tried to deny who i knew i was. i was so tired of living a lie. came out got divorced and lost my mom dad brother sister and 2 children. it has been hard but i am happy not having to lie anymore.

  61. It’s such a blessing to hear your words and your voice again. At 48 years old I’ve spent my Christian years singing your songs to myself and to my church. When my wife told me you had come out as gay, my response was “so what?”. I feel as if you’ve shared your heart all these years through your music, and just because you’re gay doesn’t mean that the love you have for God, and His love for you is any less. You’ve touched many lives and are continuing to do so.

    “God Knows I Tried” speaks more to me about gay or straight. It speaks to me about whatever in our lives we’ve hidden from others, and even ourselves. I’ve been divorced twice and was made to feel as if I’d turned my back on God. I came back from a tour in Iraq, to a family which had turned its back on my. I wake up at times unable to breathe, and gasping for air, as I wonder why after all the chances I’ve taken in life, I’m still here. God does know I’ve tried to find a way to deal with my “internal demons” if you will, and I find comfort listening to your music. I play my Ipod and float on the river listening to your music, enjoying God’s creation and knowing that no matter what, He loves me.

    Whether it’s the older songs or your latest, God is still speaking through you, at last to me. I just have to figure why am I still here being spoken to.

  62. Sandi Albertini Says:

    Dear Ray, Your songs are always an inspiration to me. The words to your songs have always touched me deeply as well as Amy Grants. I have a nephew who came out years ago to me before he even told his mother, my sister. He is a man of great faith and I know that being gay is part of who he is and it has never changed my love for him. It’s sad that the Fundamental Christian Community just doesn’t get it. God/Jesus doesn’t exclude anyone. It’s not our job to judge anyone, but to encourage everyone to find the light of Jesus in their hearts so that we can all be one in the body of Christ. God Bless you on your new chapter in your life.

  63. Thank you for being authentically you. When I was young, I attended two concerts of yours and was inspired by your music.

    I had to laughed at reading a comment on an article about your story, and one person said something to the effect of: “Don’t you ever wonder, ‘why don’t I ever feel the same connection with God than I used too.'”

    What this person does not get is that when we become who God really made us to be, we become ever more closer to God. And that is a great thought. I might guess you know that feeling. For certain, I do.


  64. Amanda from L.A. Says:


    I cannot tell you how much I respect your courage and strength. Your music continues to be beautiful and touching. And I know countless people are encouraged by your message. I am a musician at an MCC in Santa Ana, CA. This church is full of some of the most wonderful and open-hearted people I have met. And it hurts to think that someone would say any part of their lives in un-Christian. So I thank you for reminding my friends at the MCC how much God loves them, every part of them. God bless you in your continued ministry.


  65. Robert Couch Says:

    Hi Ray, I’m a 56 year old Christian guy and just found out you came out. I just want to say I support you 100% and I’m glad your finding peace. Keep up the good work! Peace and Love to you and your family. Bob

  66. Ray,

    The songs really touch in ways I can ot express. I was born in 1953. In Indianapolis, Indiana. I came out in 1992. I lived and worked in Anderson Indiana after my divorce. My family was religous and disowned and disinherited me. I was not really involved much with religion myself at the time. I was so angry with God for that and so many other reasons. I later found a new vison of God who loved me a gay man.

    I admire you for the courage to come out. I admire you for maintaining your faith. I admire you for your ministry of music.

    I was in a self-growth work shop a couple of years ago and the question was asked “Who are your heros?” I had no answer. I had heros in the past but at that time I did not have any. I took it seriously and started looking for heros. I also realized none of my heros had ever been gay. So I starting looking for people to be my heros, my role models, people I admired.

    When I chose a new hero, I read about them. I looked at what they have done. I look at thier values. I have added Ray Boltz to my list.

  67. I saw you in concert in Memphis. I have sung all your songs in church. Ray, you have truly made a difference in peoples lives. I will continue to believe in you and support all you do. Love you Ray.

  68. I so love your music, before and after. I grew up listening to it and have alays loved your heart that you put into it. I applaud your coming out.. I have to admit that it happened during a time that I had stopped listening to christian radio and had missed this until last year, but I am glad that you are being true to yourself. You look happier in the pictures from album to album or rather more settled. Being “True” looks good on you.!!!

  69. I’m so glad to finally see a Christian who’s willing to admit that maybe not every single part of the bible is a rule book. I was Christian for many years when I was younger. I still believe in God but I don’t believe in Christianity anymore. Too many Christians telling me everything I did was wrong. I live my life the best way I can, I take care of my children, and I don’t hurt anyone with words or actions…. Honestly what more can be expected of us? We are merely human… And as for those who say being a gay Christian is wrong… Well it’s actually been proven by DOCTORS that most gay men are that way because of their brain chemistry… It’s NOT a choice, it’s not something that will go away, they WERE born that way. So ask your selves “If God created them that way is it evil? If it’s evil why would He have done it?” And honestly I think some of the straight Christian men should look in the mirror and give themselves advice before trying to give it to others. I know MANY Christian men and non Christian men for that matter that think being a gay man is evil or wrong but yet think bi-sexual or lesbian women are perfectly alright… I’m a straight woman but honestly as long as a homosexual of either gender isn’t hurting anyone then what’s the problem? It’s not like being homosexual makes you violent or dangerous. Homosexual relationships are just like heterosexual relationships, as long as both parties are adults and act intelligently and make good decisions then people shouldn’t say anything about it. If the gripe is about unprotected sexual relations then they should gripe just as much at heterosexual couples who don’t use protection. If it’s about premarital sexual relations then… Well guess what, Gay Marriage is becoming legal in more and more states. -gives a slightly smug smile- To all those of different life styles out there, Be Proud! Enjoy your life. Don’t let ANYONE ever make you feel badly about who you are because you’re beautiful and perfect and EXACTLY who and what you were meant to be. God bless!

  70. Joe Burmeister Says:

    I have always loved the music Ray wrote and sang. The words are in no doubt from the heart and from the Spirit. I am glad you came out. I have always told people the God I worship is a compassionate God and that he loves homosexuals as much as He loves heterosexuals. I will continue to buy, listen to and perform in church the songs of Ray Boltz. God bless you.

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