Ray Boltz wins three OUTMUSIC awards; Songwriter Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Spiritual Song Of The Year

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Songwriter Of The Year – (Don’t Tell Me Who To Love)

Album Of The Year – (True)

Spiritual Song Of The Year – (I Will Choose To Love)

Last night in New York City, the OUTMUSIC Awards show took place at the Irving Plaza.  Originally the program was to take place on December 1st of 2010 but had to be rescheduled.  I was happy to be nominated for six awards but unfortunately, was unable to attend the rescheduled event.   I was thrilled to learn earlier today, that I received a total of three OMA’s at last night’s event.  How I wish I could have been there.  It says on the OUTMUSIC website “Dubbed the biggest night in the LGBT music industry, the coveted OMA trophy is the highest and most perstigious honor.  OUTMUSIC – LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (The LARA) is the premiere 501c3 non-profit organization created to empower, celebrate and honor openly LGBT recording artists, musicians, composers, producers, performers and supporters who are dedicated to the movement for equality in the music industry”.  Since I never got the chance to make an acceptance speech and thank those who made this all possible, I do so now.

First, I wish to thank the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts for encouraging LGBT artists, musicians, composers, producers and performers and for recognizing my work.  Second, I would like to thank Lisa Darden for encouraging me to submit my new project to the voters.  Third, I want to thank my producers at HITPLAY Productions (JoJoHo and Seanny P).  These two talented men spent countless hours creating, mixing and re-mixing this project in an effort to make it what it is.  I could not have done this without them.  Fourth, I want to thank my partner Franco for all the support during this process.  Fifth, I want to thank my family (Rajeev & Karen, Phil & Emily, Liz & Ben, Sara & Landon, Carol and my mom) for all of your love and acceptance.  I love you all deeply.  Sixth, I want to thank all of the concert promoters, pride events and affirming & accepting churches that have worked with me during the last few years (also special thanks to Samuel G Freedman at the New York Times, Joey DiGuglielmo at the Washington Blade and Barry Schulman).  Seventh, I want to thank DJ Shane and Rick for your friendship.  Finally, I want to thank and encourage all of the other artists who were nominated.   I am so proud to be part of a group of people who are attempting to live honest and authentic lives.  I wish each of you the best in all that you do.  THANK YOU ALL!

The album “True” is available for immediate download on

                 iTunes                and                   Amazon      

CD-r copies available at the Ray Boltz Online Store   

Press Inquiries please contact:  RayBoltzConcerts@aol.com

ray boltz video “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” deemed “contrary” to Christian values

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Lesbians, Gays And Drag Queens…Oh My!

Last year, I had the pleasure of being part of the Long Beach, CA Gay Pride. I met gay women and men (and some very nice drag queens too) from across the USA.

Fortunately, we brought along a film crew and captured the parade on tape. Later, that footage was used to create a music video for my song “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love”.

Well, some people are not too happy with the video, including a concert promoter who called it “contrary” to Christian values (gosh, I kind of remember something about Jesus hanging out with publicans, sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes).

Anyway…maybe some people are upset because it shows a bunch of gay Christians marching in the parade and we all know that some people believe you can’t be gay and Christian at the same time (sorry Glory Tabernacle, your church was a huge blessing to me but I guess you don’t really exist). Or maybe it was the shots of people kissing their partners that did it (Note: this was months before it happened on Glee).

At any rate, I wanted to make sure that you know I still feel honored to have been invited to Long Beach Pride and I am happy to have met so many WONDERFUL people.  I believe God loves us ALL and I am proud of the “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” video.

Check it out for yourself below.

Ray Boltz receives six 2010 OUTMUSIC award nominations, album of the year, song of the year, spiritual song of the year, love song of the year, songwriter of the year and musician of the year

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Dear Friends,

The LGBT Acaedemy of Recording Arts (LARA) home of the OUTMUSIC Awards has just announced that I have been nominated for six OMA’s.  OUTMUSIC is the premier 501c3 non-profit organization created to empower and honor openly-LGBT recording artists and performers as well as advocate on their behalf to raise awareness of their contributions to music and entertainment history.

The 2010 OUTMUSIC Awards will take center stage in New York City on Wednesday, December 1st.  The OUTMUSIC Awards will recognize and celebrate musical excellence while featuring performances from some of the hottest names in LGBT music.

I am deeply moved by the recognition of my work by the more than 1000 academy members.  The last few years I have struggled to keep a positive attitude in the face of discouraging and often hateful attitudes toward the LGBT community that I am happy to be a part of.  Recording the project
“True” was my attempt to respond in a loving and authentic way to this situation.  To have other members of the LGBT community respond in such a positive manner means more than I can ever express.

“Thank You”


For more information about OUTMUSIC and the OMA’s please visit: OUTMUSIC.COM

Click Here and you can also check out my artist’s page on their website and listen to some of the nominated songs.

To view a complete list of the OUTMUSIC Award nominations, Click Here



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Read the entire Bent Alaska article here







The new project “True” is now available on iTunes and  Amazon


Something interesting happened while I was in Alaska recently and no, it didn’t have anything to do with a certain “part time” governor, wolf hunting, mama grizzly bear.  When I arrived, I was confronted with the fact that my visit and performance at the MCC church in Anchorage was rather controversial.  I learned that one pastor had taken it upon himself to warn his followers that this 57 year old grand father was on his way to their city.  He closed his letter of warning with the word “BEWARE”.

I am not really sure what all the fuss was about but I am kind of used to it by now.  I’ve had protesters show up at my concerts before and I’ve received thousands of e-mails from people who strongly disagree with my belief that it is better to be honest about who you are, rather than just pretending to be what someone wants you to be.  In any event, I believe the best way to respond to anger and hate is to love.  I totally agree with the saying “HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE. . .HOMOPHOBIA IS!  and the way I choose to respond to homophobia is this. . . “I will choose to love!”




Special thanks to CBS KTVA Channel 11 News for the news footage.

Update 10/14/2010 Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (Video Below)

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You can purchase Ray’s new project “True” on   iTunes or  AMAZON




But first, I want to highly recommend an article written by John Shore for the Huffington Post.  He points out that there was a time when we were told that we could “pray away the gay” and that God would change us from gay to straight, if we just believed hard enough.  That isn’t said so much anymore.  Probably because all you have to do is look at the founders of the “research councils” who are caught with their rent-a-boys, the pastors of the mega churches who are outed by their prostitutes, the authors of x-gay testimony books that are photographed coming out of gay bars, the politicians who vote against gay rights and then get arrested in public parks or airport rest rooms for solicitation.    Do you honestly believe that these individuals didn’t pray with all their hearts for God to change them?  Of course they did…over and over and so did I.

John points out that now the refrain isn’t “Stop being gay.” Now it is “Stop acting gay”.  The part that really spoke to me, was John describing what these well meaning believers were actually asking us to do.  “Be alone, you’re demanding, Live alone.  Don’t hold anyone’s hand.  Don’t snuggle on your couch with anyone.  Don’t cuddle up with anyone at night before you fall asleep…Just say ‘no’ to love…Be alone. Live alone. Die alone.”

It is hard to believe that something as innocent as a kiss would upset someone but I know it will.  The NEW VIDEO for “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love”  (posted below) was filmed at  the gay pride parade in Long Beach, California this summer. If you watch it, you will see thousands of people from all walks of life.  People who are not ashamed of who they are and are not ashamed of the love they feel for their partners.  Some of them are straight and some are gay and many of them were willing to give a kiss to the one they loved…while the cameras were rolling.  I will not print words that tell these individuals that they are evil or that their love is profane.  I will honor them instead!

Why I won’t post negative comments.

There is one simple reason why I don’t post comments about how much God hates homosexuality and why every gay man or woman will burn for eternity in the lake of fire.  I DON’T BELIEVE IT IS TRUE.

I can hear the pages of the Bible being turned right now…”but, but, but….Leviticus says it is an abomination”. That’s right.  Leviticus does say that and it also says a few verses later that it is perfectly OK to own slaves.  So,  I guess if I am in love with a man, hold his hand, give him a kiss,  etc…I am evil.  BUT…if I OWN a man, if I take him away from his family, force him to work for my gain and pleasure or sell him to someone else…well that is just fine and dandy.  Sorry folks, but I don’t buy it.

If you want to discuss why LGBT people are evil and unworthy to love or be loved, there are lots of places on the web where you can do just that…but it won’t be HERE.  Speaking of love. . .


“TRUE” The new project by Ray Boltz

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UPDATE: MAY 15th 2010.  Check out Samuel G. Freedman’s  article on Ray Boltz in the NEW YORK TIMES.

COMING SOON:  A new HD video for “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” shot at the Long Beach Pride Festival

ALSO: Best selling author, Anne Rice,  links to the NEW YORK TIMES article on her facebook page (THANKS ANNE)






There are several videos listed below.  Each video contains the music, a few images and either the lyrics or a commentary.  I hope these simple videos will help convey what I was feeling when I wrote them.  Enjoy.

Video #1:

Song Title: Swimming Hole

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  This song is dedicated to all those people who have suffered violence just for being themselves.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #2:

Song Title: God Knows I Tried

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  This song was the first thing I wrote after coming out to my family in December of 2004.  I didn’t write this song with the expectation that it would ever be performed, let alone recorded but it was a way to express so much of what was going on inside.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #3:

Song Title: Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (>HITPLAY Dance Mix)

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description:  Over a year ago I made this song available on this blog.  Thousands of people have heard it, downloaded it or both.  Hitplay producers JoJoHo and Seanny P put a new spin on the song by creating an incredible dance mix version

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #4:

Song Title: Following Her Dreams

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: I dedicated this song to my good friend Julie and her partner Paulina.  Their friendship has meant so much during the last few years and I’m happy to know them.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #5:

Song Title: Who Would Jesus Love

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: I wrote this song after I read the book “Would Jesus Discriminate” by Rev. Dr. Cindi Love.  The book and the lives of others like Mel White (Stranger At The Gate: Being Gay And Christian In America) and Rev. Troy Perry (founder of the Metropolitan Community Church Denomination) have helped me to examine my attitudes concerning all God’s children.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #6:

Song Title: I Chose

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: This song was written in response to the multitude of e-mails that were sent to me and each one claimed that I had “chosen to enter a gay lifestyle”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I never chose to be gay.  In my heart, I know the difference between choosing something and finally coming to accept what is true.  There is a difference.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #7:

Song Title: Dancing With The Girls

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: This song is about stepping out and pushing through the fears we face, instead of letting them control us.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #8:

Song Title: To Be True

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: Sometimes you have to come down from the stage and stop performing in order to be who you really are.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON

Video #9:

Song Title: Don’t Tell Me Who To Love (original version)

Composer: Ray Boltz

Producers: >HITPLAY Productions LLC

Description: The video for this song was created by Jeff Lutes at Soulforce.  They are an organization that seeks freedom from religious and political oppression for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people.

BUY THIS SONG NOW  (mp3  audio version) ON: AMAZON


Want to know what the Bible really says about homosexuality?  Check it out HERE


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